Pseudo-Riemannian geometry and invariants in General Relativity

University of Stavanger
May 30 - June 3, 2022

Registration is closed. 

About the conference

The conference aims at addressing the following subjects: 
- Group actions in Pseudo-Riemannian geometry
- Algebraically special Pseudo-Riemannian manifolds
- Null congruences in Lorentzian geometry
- Invariants of metrics in GR and separation of spacetimes
- Cartan-theoretic methods for the equivalence problem
- Generalized gravity theories
- Black holes and horizons


The program comes in two versions: 
     - A rough schedule for the whole week in pdf format
     - A detailed list of talks with titles and abstracts via the Indico page

Invited speakers:

     José Figueroa-O’Farrill (Edinburgh)
     Eduardo García-Río (Santiago de Compostela)
     Jorge Lauret (Córdoba)
     Thomas Leistner (Adelaide)
     Jerzy Lewandowski (Warsaw)
     James Lucietti (Edinburgh)
     Vladimir Matveev (Jena)
     Karin H. Melnick (Maryland)
     Robert Milson (Halifax)
     Paweł Nurowski (Warsaw)
     Marcello Ortaggio (Prague) 
     Vojtěch Pravda (Prague)
     Alena Pravdová (Prague)
     Arman Taghavi-Chabert (Warsaw)

Click here for the full list of participants. 

Practical information

The conference will take place at room V101 in Arne Rettedals Hus at the campus of the University of Stavanger. It will also be possible to participate online. 

Recommended arrival: Monday morning (May 30) or Sunday (May 29).
Recommended departure: Friday evening (June 3) or Saturday (June 4). 

All participants are free to book the hotel of their choice, but we suggest the hotel Ydalir. It is located on campus, just a few hundred meters from the conference venue. 

How to get there:
For a description of how to get from the airport to the hotel, see the hotel's webpage. The conference venue is located approximately 250 meters from the hotel. The map below shows the location of the airport, the hotel and the conference venue in purple. 

Any questions may be directed to the organizers by e-mail:


The conference is organized by the University of Stavanger and UiT The Arctic University of Norway. 

Organizing committee:
     Sigbjørn Hervik (UiS)
     Boris Kruglikov (UiT)
     Matthew Terje Aadne (UiS)
     Eivind Schneider (UiT)

The conference is supported by the NFR-Toppforsk project “Pseudo-Riemannian Geometry and polynomial curvature invariants” and the TMS-TFS project “Pure Mathematics in Norway”.